Gabby Dubois

Hard working mom, caregiver and restaurant owner faces some hard choices in a new political season.

Renita Wright

Gabby’s devoted friend who works next door in cigarette smoke-filled Bravo Bob’s Bar & Grill & Bar—and likes her meals jumbo-sized.

Daniel Dubois

Gabby’s tween son, loves his family, his video games, and could use some exercise but isn’t allowed to do much walking in his neighborhood.

Mama Dubois

Gabby’s mom has a lot of spunk and match-maker tendencies.

Sam Williams

Likes to watch his weight, stay in shape and visits Gabby’s restaurant more often for her company than the food. But is the feeling mutual?

Martin Elliot

A Camberwell Councilman with big political ambitions and has a thing or two to learn about his constituents.

Jocelyn Elliot

Wife of Councilman Elliot has a few secrets that she’d like to keep secret.

Amber Elliot

Tween daughter of Martin & Jocelyn, prefers a video game and head phones to her parents 24-7 talk of politics.

Stuart Chamberlain

Martin Elliot’s Campaign Manager, literally has to watch his toes as he moves his boss’s campaign into high gear.

Mayor Edge

Incumbent Mayor of Camberwell most often has things on his mind other than city business.


Mayor Edge’s right hand aide, is locked in a love-hate relationship with her job.

Bravo Bob

Magnetic, prank-calling radio personality, owner of Bravo Bob’s Bar & Grill & Bar has his hand in many things in Camberwell—but what’s that up his sleeve?


Bravo Bob’s co-anchor has aspirations to host a radio show that does more than prank call-outs.


The radio station’s tech guy you can’t help but love.